The LNAH is a hockey league in Canada where fighting is the number one skill. The fighters all have their own theme song that is played whenever they fight at home. Some NHLers have played here such as Donald Brashear, Garrett Burnett, Link Gaetz, Sylvain Blouin, Patrick Cote, and Jeremy Stevenson. Some of the top fighters now are Steve Bosse, Jacques Dube and Jon "Nasty" Mirasty. Top AHL enforcers Brandon Sugden and Sean McMorrow also decided to go to the LNAH this season. The league is made up of 8 teams. The Saint-Jean Chiefs won the 2006-2007 championship.

Teams Edit

Quebec Radio X

Saint-Georges CRS Express

Saint-Hyacinthe Top Design

Saint-Jean Chiefs

Sherbrooke Saint-Francois

Sorel-Tracy Mission

Thetford Mines Prolab

Trois-Rivieres Caron & Guay