Facts Edit

Number of fights: 863

Most fights in the regular season: Andrei Nazarov (28)

Most penalty minutes: Matthew Barnaby (265)

Important events in fighting Edit

2000.9.14. Cairns broke Lessards jaw. 2000.9.15 Webb bloodies Gino Odjick,last NHL fight for Poeschek

2000.9.16. Parker KOed Grimson,Grimson missed the beginning of the season.

2000.9.19. Fedoruk took on both NY Rangers enforcers,win against McCarthy and a draw against Purinton.

2000.9.20. Probert gives a chance to a rookie,Boulton held his own and makes the team.

2000.9.21. Parkers next victim was Bonvie,Parker TKOed him after Bonvie TKOed Dingman.

2000.9.23. Brawl between Chicago and Nashville,6 fights.Kris King last NHL fight.

2000.9.30. Belak gets an edge against Laraque.

2000.10.5. First NHL 00-01 regular season between Ray and Janssens.

2000.10.7. First NHL FM for Columbus,Jamie Pushor became the first player,who deserved 5 min for fighting.

2000.10.7. Also a first NHL FM for Minnesota,Matt Johnson and Debrusk fought.

2000.10.11. McCarthy bloodies Stock

2000.10.13. First FMs for Boulton and Low.

2000.10.18. Parker TKOs Oliwa

2000.10.24. McAllister vs McCarthy HW bout

2000.10.31. Grimson returned,TKO win against Grand Pierre

2000.11.1. Jovanovski KOed Deadmarsh

2000.11.4. First NHL bout for Purinton and Fedoruk-Purinton got in a fight against Ciccone,which is Ciccones last NHL fight and Fedoruk fought against Ray.Also a great fight between Walker and Marshall.

2000.11.7. Rematch from the previous season:Laraque vs McCarthy Johnson TKO win against Parker

2000.11.8. Fedoruk drops Barnaby

2000.11.9. Parker vs Low

2000.11.14. ALL TIME CHAMPION VS CURRENT CHAMPION: Probert vs Brashear

2000.11.17. Odgers bloodies Fedoruk

2000.11.17.Patrick Cotes last NHL fight against Probert

2000.11.29. An old rivalry re-new: McCarthy vs McKenzie

2000.12.8. Parker vs Frieadrich HW bout,Worrell TKOs Odgers

2000.12.15. Player against goalie:Worrell vs Snow

2000.12.20. Worrell beat Barnaby,Barnaby wanted to fight against somebody from the crowd.

2000.12.28. Grimson KOs Simpson

2000.12.31. Frieadrich vs Domi,last NHL fight for the rookie

2001.1.5. McKenzie vs McCarthy 2x

2001.1.6. Malhotra KOs Daneyko

2001.1.10. Hrkac KOs Turgeon

2001.11. Low vs Kruse,last NHL fight for Kruse

2001.1.14. Purinton TKOs Blouin

2001.1.15. Thornton bloodies Fischer,Marchment vs McCarty,Low beat May

2001.1.18. McAllister bloodies McKenzie

2001.1.27. Brashear vs Belak

2001.1.30. Belak beat Laraque

2001.2.7. Fedoruk TKOs Oliwa,Laraque beat Helenius decisively

2001.2.12. Laraque sliped against Grimson

2001.2.13. Ray vs Odgers round 1

2001.2.15. Ray vs Odgers round 2

2001.2.16 Low vs Vandenbussche

2001.2.17. First NHL fight for Shelley,it was against Oliwa

2001.2.18. Probert surprises Grimson

2001.2.19. Roy tripes Ray

2001.2.23. Odgers vs Vandenbussche

2001.2.24. Brashear beat Roy

2001.3.5. McAllister TKOs Nazarov

2001.3.8. Belak edge/win against Laraque

2001.3.10. Flyers vs Devils 5 fights,Domi vs Brash 2x,Grimson beat Probert decisively

2001.3.21. Laraque losses against Grimson

2001.3.26. Ray vs Odgers round 3

2001.3.31. Grimson vs Parker

2001.4.1. Laraque one-punched Vandenbussche

2001.4.7. McAllister TKOs McKenna

2001.4.21. Playoff brawl between WSH and Pit

2001.5.3. Domi elbows Niedermayer

Best fighters in 00-01 Edit

1) Georges Laraque, EDM

2) Donald Brashear, VAN

3) Peter Worrell, FLA

4) Stu Grimson, LA

5) Jim McKenzie, NJ

6) Sandy McCarthy, NYR

7) Scott Parker, COL

8) Reed Low, STL

9) Wade Belak, CLG/TOR

10 Todd Fedoruk, PHI


1. Stu Grimson

2. Donald Brashear

3. Georges Laraque

4. Peter Worrell

5. Jim McKenzie

6. Reed Low

7. Scott Parker

8. Dale Purinton

9. Tie Domi

10. Todd Fedoruk

Anaheim Mighty Ducks Edit

Situation after the 99-00 seasonEdit

The team lost two elite heavyweight legends. McKenzie was traded near the end of the season and Grimson was traded on the off-season. Howewer, the team sign Jim Cummins, who played for Montreal. The Ducks decided to give a chance to Cummins, who supposed to be the 1st heavyweight for Anaheim. They had Kevin Sawyer, but after the pre-season he was sent to the minors. The 2nd heavyweight was Andrei Nazarov, but the team traded Nazarov to Boston. Cummins was the only player, who had fights in the pre-season as a heavyweight, he fought against Kruse and Hocking. The result of these fights is unknown. The middleweight division was better. They had Marshall and LeClerc, but only Martshall fought against Doan and Andy Sutton.

The team in the season: Edit

The Anaheim had 34 fights, including the pre-season. Cummins had most fights, he fought 13 times. For the middleweight it was Marshall, who had 9 fights. The Ducks was the second lowest fighting team in the NHL.


1. Surprisingly good performance from the heavyweights

2. Non-fighters could defend himself (Hrkac KO, Kohn)

3. Some big wins ( Cummins over McCarty,Purinton,Buchberger)


1. Very weak midlleweight division with no support

2. The Traverse accident with R.Simpson (Simpson attacked a non-fighter, and nobody went after Simpson)

Players: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Jim Cummins:

For the league Cummins was a surprise. After he suffered some big losses in the previous season, he came back really strong. For the first time in his career, he had more wins than losses. In his fightcard you can see some big names like Grimson or McAllister. He accepted all invitations, usually went toe to toe against anybody. His list of victims is impressive: Buchberger, Purinton, McCarty to name a few. All of these guys suffered a clear cut losses from Cummins. Cummins also give a chance to rookies like Moro or Boulton. In almost all of his fights he held his own, nobody beat him cleanly, not even Grimson. His only big loss came from the hands of Pilon, who TKOed Cummins and leave him bloodied.


Kevin Sawyer:

He was recalled in January and he made a good job. For a short time he fought 3 times and he could be proud, because he didnt get beat up. Held his own against big guys like McKenna and Parker and had a nice win against another big guy, Andy Sutton. His speed and agressivenes earned him a job next season.


Middleweights: Edit

Jason Marshall:

The only guy from the middleweight division, who dropped the gloves regularly. Unfortunately he was not a good fighter, his only win was against Lacouture. He also suffered some big losses: Walker bloodied him and a much smaller M.Smith dropped him. It was a tough situation to be the only guy who had to take care of the middleweights.



These guys have one or two fights: Antti Aalto, Patrick Traverse, Tony Hrkac, Vitali Vishnevsky, Mike LeClerc, Ladislav Kohn. The non-fighters could hold their owns, Vishnevsky had a draw against Nilson and also Kohn beat the agitator Nash clearly. They fought pretty good, better performance than the middleweight division.

Anaheim had a rough year. Cummins was the only heavyweight, but hang in there well. Sawyer played only 9 games, the middleweight was not good, but overall the Anaheim had a successful year. Cummins had some great wins, and it helped a lot. The only bad moment for the team was the Simpson vs Traverse fight.

Atlanta Thrashears Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

The team had in the 99-00 season two heavys:Matt Johnson and Denny Lambert. After Matt Johnson left the club, they had only Denny Lambert, who was a second fighter in the team. So the Thrashers decided to pick Odgers on 2000.9.29., which was a good choice. He had a great style and the rookie team, stepping to his 2nd season, need exactly this type of enforcer. The number two fighter was still Lambert, so the A team had two fighters. In the mid-season they called up Darcy Hordichuk, who had his first chance to fight in the NHL. In the pre-season the team had only two fights, Low vs Lambert and Stevenson vs Tamer, but after picking Odgers the fighting highly increase in this club.

The team in the season: Edit

Atlanta had 74 fights, 2 in pre-season and 72 in the season. Odgers had 20 fights, Lambert 17 and Tamer 12. Atlanta was the fifth, when it comes to fisticuffs in the league.


1. Acquiring Odgers

2. Using more than 1 Heavyweight

3. Odgers schools Fedoruk


1. The team didnt have an elite heavy

2. Didnt use Hordichuk often instead of Lambert

3. Ray vs Odgers,Odgers vs Witt and the rivalry with Buffalo (usually they lost their fights in these games)

4. Poor performance from the middleweights

Players Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Jeff Odgers:

He was forced to be fight against bigger guys in his whole career. His fast hands didnt help, he didn't won too often, but not that was the important part. He sacrifices himself on the ice for the team. But they were highlight reels in this season too. Beat Fedoruk pretty badly, Fedoruk was cut after the fight. Another great win was against Vandenbussche. But the majority of his fights were not as successful. His two rivalries on this season were horrible: Witt beat him twice and Ray three times. The rest of his fights were pretty boring. He showed a lot of heart in his new team, so not the outcome was important.


Denny Lambert:

Big mistake to dress this guy. His only good showing was against Boulton, which was a great fight. His style is more like a hugging, not like Odgers, who likes to go toe to toe. Usually he just throws some noogies on the back of the head. The majority of his fights were wrestling and dancing around, good example is a fight against Nazarov. He even gets edged by Gill and Warrener, which is not the best for a heavyweight. The next season Lambert was traded away to Anaheim.


Darcy Hordichuk:

Came from the IHL to play in NHL level. Only played few games and the fightcard is weak. He earned a confident wins against guys like Webb and Barnaby and he took on some middleweights like Boughner. In the next season he played a lot more.

Fightcard: [6]

Middleweights: Edit

Chris Tamer:

Pretty strong card, his first fight was against Grim Reaper. He usually held his own in most of the fights, he doesn't want to win fights, he fights when there is no other solution. We can find some good names on his card like Odjick or Oliwa. No many highlight reels fights, but interesting fact, that he fought against Odjick two times.

Fightcard: [7]

'Steve Staios:

Same situation like Tamer, dropped the gloves against anybody. But he was not as successful. He suffered some big losses. Tamer usually held his own and didn't get a beating, but Staios received some. Fedoruk beat him pretty badly, and Richardson owned him.

Fightcard: [8]

Summary: Atlanta hadn't got a good enforcing team. Only Odgers was fair good, his fights were awesome. But Lambert was horrible, the middleweight were disapointing and Hordichuk hadn't had great opponents.

Boston Bruins Edit

Situation after 99-00: Edit

The 99-00 season was horrible for the Boston enforcers. They had Belanger, who fought only 4 times in 37 games. The most active fighter was Darren Van Impe !!!, who had 7 fights. In the pre-season it was a lot worse. They lost Downey and DiMaio. It looked like Belanger was done, because he had only 1 fight in the pre-season.

The season: Edit

The start was great. In the first three games the Bruins had three fights. The main fighter was Belanger, who had in October 5 fights. That is more than in 99-00 full season!!! In november Boston traded Traverse away for Nazarov. After that Nazarov was the No.1 fighter in the team. He had 26 fights, in Anaheim he had only 2 fights in 16 games. Boston finished the season with 64 fights.


1. The star players (Allison,Guerin) could score and fight too.

2. Nazarov with the most majors


1. Belanger inactivity after December

2. Boring Nazarov fights

3. Really weak middleweight division

Players Edit

Heavyweights Edit

Ken Belanger:

Belanger started the season with lots of fights. It looked like he could make a Top 10 list, but after December he virtually dissapeared. His best showings were against tough opponents like Brown or Domi. Against 2nd tier fighters he had poor performances. His highlight reel is a TKO win against Brown and a win against Domi.

Fightcard: [9]

Andrei Nazarov:

After he was traded to Boston, he started to fight again. He had 28 fights, half of them were wrestling matches. Started a rivalry against other big guys like McKenzie or McAllister. But he also declined some guys, for example Fedoruk. His only meaningful bouts were against Barnaby, which he won. He didnt suffer any big losses, except McAllister TKOed him in January.

Fightcard [10]

Middleweights and non-fighters: Edit

One of the best performance had Bill Guerin. He beat Tamer, Barnaby, Mair, and had a draw. Joe Thornton had also some big fights against Gratton and Warrener. But Van Impe was horrible. He get beat by Domi,Laperriere 2x and Corson. The middleweight were good, but not near the top. Better than Anaheim and Atlanta.

Summary: Boston had better position than Anaheim and Thrashers. Belanger was an elite heavyweight with lots of potential, but he hadnt got as good season as everybody expect. Nazarov was a bit surprise because of activity. The team wasnt worse than Anaheim and Atlanta, but wasnt better than these teams in fighting. There were in the league better enforcing teams, but also there were worse enforcing teams. The team was just average.

Buffalo Sabres Edit

Situation after 99-00: Edit

The Sabres lost two solid fighters. The first one is Kruse, who was a solid middleweight and the second one is Grand-Pierre, who had some great fights in his career. But there were a replacement. Eric Boulton had a good AHL season in 99-00 season, so the Sabres called him up to the A team. The No.1. fighter in the team was the hero of the Sabres, Rob Ray. In the pre-season the only one who fought was Boulton, who had a great battle with Bob Probert. Boulton earned the job and he becomes the 2nd fighter on the team.

The season: Edit

Boulton and Ray was a good choice. At the begining they fought in turn, then at the end of the season Boulton was a healthy scratch. The team had relatively less fights, then everybody expected, but the only ones who fought, was the two heavyweight. The team had 47 fights.


1. Good pair of HWs

2.Warrener and Gratton could take care of middleweights

3. Buffalo success against Atlanta in a fighting department


1. The only lowlights are the Worrell vs Ray and the Boulton vs Laraque scraps.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights Edit

Rob Ray:

A guy with a huge reputation. Ray was a good teacher for Boulton. He didnt fight too often, but he dont have to. His rivalry against Odgers was really great for Ray: 3 wins. Solid season, with some good fights. He was not a Top 10 fighter anymore, but he was still capable against rookies or against guys from the Top 6-10. He fought only once against guy from Top 5 and he suffered a clear loss.

Fightcard [11]

Eric Boulton

Boulton made a lot of work on the pre-season. He fought almost every game and was pretty succesful. But his first fight was a complete disaster: Laraque beat him pretty good. His most memorable fight is probably the Probert fight, where he didnt give up and he lost only slightly. In the season he had many average fights, none of the fights were memorable.

Fightcard: [12]

Middleweight and non-fighters: Edit

Warrener and Gratton had fights for middleweights. Warrener was really good, he beat Blouin, Scatchard and Lambert. Only had one loss against Thornton. Gratton was also good, he beat Jason Ward decisively.

Summary: The Buffalo had a good enforcing team. Ray was really good and had only one bad loss against Worrell. Boulton was average, but he had a nice KD win against Stock. But he cant beat Rivet or Lambert. He had a big loss against Laraque. Warrener beat some heavyweights and Gratton was good as well. The Buffalo had everything: good heavyweight, but not elite, and very good middleweights. Better than average, but not near the top.

Calgary Flames Edit

Situation after the 99-00 season: Edit

After the camp start, Calgary had the same fighting lineup. They dont lost any heavy- or middleweight. But after the pre-season the situation was different, because they traded Nazarov away to Anaheim. The first fighter was Belak, Wiemer was for the middleweights. In the pre-season the most active fighter was Belak-four fights and Nazarov, who dropped his gloves twice.

The season: Edit

Calgary had one of the most Fighting majors in the NHL, they had 81 FM. It is strange, because Belak had the most FMs,and only 13. That means that were lot of players, who fought at least once. They had 19 !!!! players, who fought. Belak was traded to Toronto at the end of the season, so the Calgary finished the season with no HW fighter. Cowan had also lots of fighting majors. For non-fighters Lindsay had 8 fights.


1. Tough team (19 players dropped his gloves)

2. Good situation in both categories

3. Some great wins ( Belak beat Laraque, Wiemer edged Oliwa)


1. They finished the season without a heavyweight

Player performance: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Wade Belak

Belak had a breakout season. He was a rookie fighter with big potential, but from this season he was a contender for the Top 10. He proved, that he can beat anybody, when he clearly beat Laraque. In the pre-season he was active with good results. He held his own against Brashear, but surprisingly he lost against Francis Belanger. Not too many highlight reel fights, but he held his own all the time.

Fightcard: [13]

Middleweights and non fighters: Edit

Jason Wiemer

Great team guy. He stick up for his teammates everytime. Earlier of the season he gets the edge against Oliwa after Oliwa attacked Bure. He went toe-to-toe against Low and also fought against Fedoruk. He was very good in his weightclass and held his own against heavyweights.

Fightcard: [14]

Jeff Cowan:

Another great team guy, but unfortunately he was not as succesfull with his gloves off. His most memorable fight was against another rookie, Lacouture, where he gets the win.

Fightcard [15]

For the non-fighters Iginla had good results. He beat Odelein and Morrow to name a few. Derek Morris and Ronald Petrovicky was also not bad, so the non-fighters were as great as the full team in fighting.

Summary: Belak and Wiemer made a great job. The heavy-and the middleweight class was safe and confident. This team was better than Buffalo, but not as good as Florida or Philadelphia. Next season the team acquired Berube for heavyweight.

Carolina Hurricanes Edit

Situation after the 99-00 season: Edit

The 99-00 season was horrible for the Canes. The team hadnt got any heavys, they fought only 27 times and the most active fighter was Pratt with 8 fights. At the end of the season Carolina acquired S.McCarthy, who had only one fight in Canes uniform, which was against Laraque and had a loss. On the off-season the Canes traded McCarthy for Langdon, who came from NY Rangers. Fortunetly for the team they had atleast one heavy for the upcoming season. Langdon must believe, that Karpa is going to be a a good 2nd fighter on the team. The middleweights were Adams and DiMaio. The team losses Pratt, who had a pretty decent year, beat McKay and had draws against D.McCarthy.

The season: Edit

Carolina at the end of the season had 37 fights. Only the two heavys had 18 fights, but the middleweights were passive. Adams and DiMaio had 3-3 fights each.


1. Finally a good heavyweight all year


1. Not many middleweight fighters

2. Pretty dissapointing performance by DiMaio

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Darren Langdon:

In the pre-season he fought for a roster spot, but in the season he was a bit passive. He had only 9 fights in 54 games, but the fights were really great. In the pre-season he didnt look like confident, Laus made a short work with him and he had also two boring fights. After his first fight he was getting better and better. He beat technically guys like Ray or Fedoruk. Unfortunately only 9 fights, and only McKenzie could beat him clearly.

Fightcard: [16]

Dave Karpa

He is not a heavyweight, but he could easily go with heavys. In this season he was average. He fought only against middleweights or non-fighters. His best fight was against Jamal Mayers, which was a draw.

Fightcard [17]

Middleweights and non-fighers: Edit

Main reason, why we must rank lower the team in fighting. If they could fight better and mainly more, they can save this team. Adams in the season suffered two heavy losses against Tucker and Witt. Dimaio was another dissapointment. He had a sh** fight against Barnaby, and another two against Pilon and Payer. The non-fighters were worse: Ozonlinsh had two losses, but what we expect. He is not a fighter.

Summary: Better year than the 99-00 season. The only difference was that the Canes had a heavy all season. The middleweights were awful, Pratt would be a perfect fit in this role. If Pratt were still in Carolina in 2000-01 season, the middleweight problem were solved. If Langdon fought more and the Carolina kept Pratt, the ranking of the team were higher.

Chicago Blackhawks Edit

Situation after the 99-00 season: Edit

The 99-00 season was fantastic for the Blackhawks fight fans. They had 4 heavyweights and the most fighting majors in the season. After the training camp the team lost Brad Brown, who went to the Rangers and he also lost Kris King, who after some games retired, same Zmolek. The season begins with the three heavys, Janssens, Probert and Vandenbusshe, but they finished with two heavys, after Janssens was sent down and finished his carreer in the IHL. One of the best games was in pre-season the Chicago vs Nashville game, where were 6 fights.

The season: Edit

Chicago finished the season with 52 majors. The most active fighter was Vandenbussche, who had 19 fights. Probert finished the season with 10 fights. The middleweights were solid with guys like Jamie Allison and Stephane Quintal.


1. Many players to drop the gloves

2. More than one Heavy


1. The team cant repeat same results from 99-00

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights Edit

Ryan Vandenbussche:

Vandenbussche prepared well for this season, he TKOed Tobler with a huge bomb. But after that nothing much. He schools Tetarenko and jumps Strudwick, but he hadnt got as many classics as in the previous season. Also his loss against Odgers is pretty big upset, one year before Vandy beat him pretty easily. He suffered two big losses against Laraque and Helenius. Also he had many strange fights against guys like McKenna or Dingman.

Fightcard [18]

Bob Probert:

The KING OF THE FIGHTERS after an excellent year slowed down, but he still had some impressive fights. He surprised Grimson and Cote, where he clearly dominates. He showed his incredible condition against Pushor and also give a chance to guys like Low. He was deffinetly not an elite HW anymore, but still capable.

Fightcard: [19]

Mark Janssens:

Only was in the A team till december and he had only 3 fights.After a solid fight against Ray he had a huge loss against Matt Johnson. His last NHL fight was against Lambert, which was a draw.

Middleweights: Edit

Jamie Allison:

After he beat Grant Marshall,he started to fight against heavys.He had a draw against Cummins, but he clearly lost against Low. He had one of the best toe-to-toe fight in the 00-01 season against Myhres. He was cut, but he held his own.

Stephane Quintal:

Same situation like Allison. He had fights with heavys,Blouin and Simpson beat him and he had a draw against Oliwa. He clearly lost against Strudwick.

Non-fighers:Only few of them we must mention. Jean-Yves Leroux beat Petrovicky and had a draw against Mayers. Usually the non-fighers lost but they were few only.

Summary: Chicago cant repeat their performance from 99-00. Probert was still good, but he past his prime. Vandenbussche had great heart, but he hadnt got the results. The middleweight try to help to the heavys, but not much luck. Not a bad season, but definetly not as good as the 99-00.

Colorado Avalanche Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

Colorado was prepared for the 99-00 season. They had two heavys, the rookie Dingman and the veteran Odgers. Dingman was the No.1 heavyweight, he had the most fights in the NHL. Odgers after the season left Colorado, he visited the Wild camp, but after that he signed with Atlanta. For his place Colorado called up Scott Parker, who had a dominant year in Hershey. Colorado also lost Helenius, but this season was way better than the 99-00 season.

The season: Edit

Colorado had 69 fights, which was almost the same number of fighting majors they had in 99-00. Parker was the No.1 heawyweight, surprisingly Dingman was a great support for Parker. The pre-season was very eventful. Parker destroyed Grimson, who missed the first few games of the season. After Bonvie TKOed Dingman, Parker gets the revenge and beat Bonvie decisively. Colorado has the chance to be the best enforcing team, because it looked like Parker will be the champ.


1. More than 2 heavyweights

2. Very impressive pre-season for Parker


1. Deadmarsh gets KOed by Jovanovski

2. Very bad showing by Parker in January

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Scott Parker:

A bit of a dissapointment here. After a succesfull pre-season he started the season the same way. He edged Brashear in a decent fight and TKOed Oliwa. The first problem came, after he was TKOed by Johnson. He suffered some really bad losses against guys like Grand-Pierre. But he made the Top 10. His wars against Low and Grimson were really great, and he had some big wins in his list including names like Freadrich, Purinton or Low.

Fightcard: [20]

Chris Dingman:

Good 2nd tier fighter this time. He and Parker had a pretty decent tilt in the training camp, but he was forced to be only the 2nd because of the great pre-season by Parker. He fought against middleweghts, but we can find some good names on his list including Ray. He was beaten only by Grimson in the season, which is a great result. Fightcard: [21]

middleweights: Edit

For the middleweights were Berry the best. He beat Ruutu, Lindsay and Herr. Deadmarsh had a terrible season, he gets KOed by Jovanovski and the rematch was a clear loss to him. Atleast he beat Lapperierre. But DeVries was a surprise. He had a great fight against a top heavy, Donald Brashear. He beat Pederson and had a nothing fight against Lapperierre. We can say, that the middleweight division was average, but willing.

Summary: Colorado had a great season after the average 99-00 season. They had a top heavy, who had a solid year and he makes almost everybodys TOP 10 list. Dingman was a solid 2nd fighter. The middleweight were sometimes great, sometimes worse. We must say, that Colorado had one of the toughest team. They were better enforcing teams, like Florida or Edmonton, but deffinetly Colorado was better than Calgary or Buffalo. Calgary had better middleweights, but Colorado better heavyweights and more memorable fights.

Columbus Blue Jackets Edit

Situation after the 99-00 season: Edit

The Blue Jackets stepped to the first season with Minnesota. They must choose players in the expansion draft, and they werent lucky. For No.1. fighter were chosen the Polish Hammer, Krzysztof Oliwa. That was a big mistake for Columbus, because Oliwa stayed here only for 10 games. But the middleweight division was very good with names like Pushor,Odelein or Grand-Pierre. They were middleweights, but they fought a lot against heavys. These three had the most fights in pre-season, they had 2-2 fights and Grand-Pierre one. Oliwa didnt drop his gloves in pre-season.

The season: Edit

Columbus finished the season with 57 fights, that was fair good. The enforcer role was for guys like Odelein and Pushor, fortunetly the team management realized, that the Blue Jackets need a heavy and for the upcoming season they called Jody Shelley to the team. Pushor and Odelein had the most fights with 13 and 12 respectively.


1. After losing a heavyweight, Odelein and Pushor fought against bigger guys

2. Good debut for Shelley


1. Oliwa performance

2. Odelein and Pushor were too soft against guys like Laraque or Worrell

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Krzysztof Oliwa

He was a major dissapointment in 00-01 season. After some fights against middleweights he challenged Parker, who TKOed him. He suffered an injury few games later and the Blue Jackets traded him to Pittsburgh.

Fightcard: [22]

Jody Shelley: He played only one game, but he fought twice. It was against former Blue Jacket enforcer, Oliwa and he also fought against McKenna. Both of these fights ended with a draw.

Fightcard: [23]

middleweights: Edit

Jamie Pushor:

He had a rough year. He was forced to fight against some tough guys like Laraque or Worrell. He did his best, held his own. In his win list you can find names like Heins or Gauthier. He was the first player in the Jackets history, who deserved 5 min for fighting.

Fightcard: [24]

Lyle Odelein:

Odelein was like the first enforcer for the Jackets, he fought against guys like Probert, Dingman or Laraque. In this category he edged Probert, but his other fights against heavys were losses. He rarely fought against middleweights, thats the reason, why he had only 1 win.

Fightcard: [25]

Jean Luc Grand-Pierre:

Really capable guy. His absolutely best showing was against Parker, where he bloodied the Sheriff. His other fights were not that succesfull, he was TKOed by Grimson and Pilon.

Fightcard: [26]

Non-fighters: Not much to tell, only Wright was active with 3 fights.

Summary: If Columbus brought a heavy or called up Shelley, things may have different. Odelein and Pushor could fought against middleweights and Shelley against heavys. In the next season the team realized, that they need a heavyweight, so they called up Shelley.

Dallas Stars Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

Dallas realized, that the team need a heavy. It was a surprise, that they gave a chance to Helenius, who played for Colorado season before. The middleweight division was good in this season with guys like Thornton or Pushor. But this situation was quickly different, because these two left the club. Only Marshall and Morrow stayed and that was enough. Marshall also could help to Helenius, if he needed. Strange situation, and after the training camp nobody could say, what will happen in the future.

The season: Edit

42 fights was not too much, but i think it was solid for this team. Helenius had the most fights with 10, Morrow had 9 and Marshall 6. Brad Lukowich was also relatively active with 5 fights. The Dallas was definetly a tough team, because they had Derian Hatcher.


1: Helenius TKOed Vandenbussche

2. Good season for Morrow


1: Not an elite heavy

2: Marshall was not succesfull against heavys

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweight: Edit

Sami Helenius:

Hard to tell,why Dallas acquired Helenius.It was a strange decision,because nobody knew,what kind of fighter he was. His first fight was a disaster,he get TKOed by May in the pre-season.But after that he gave to his team much needed toughness and he start his season very good. He revenged the loss against May and in December he TKOed Vandenbussche. His worst showing was against Laraque, which was a beating. He deffinetly had a potential to be a good 2nd tier fighter, but i dont think he could be succesfull as a No.1 heavyweight.

Fightcard: [27]

middleweights: Edit

Brendan Morrow:

No.1 middlewight for Dallas. Solid season, usually he beat non-fighters or middleweights. He had two great wins against a very dangerous Bradley and Petrovicky. He gets a draw against Staios and against O Donnell.

Fightcard: [28]

Grant Marshall:

A very capable middleweight, who could go with anybody. Unfortunately in this season he was not that good, he suffered a clear cut losses against Purinton or Allison.

Fightcard: [29]

Brad Lukowich:

Another brave fighter, who fought against fighters like Corson or Sean Brown. Give him credit for fighting for the team.

Fightcard: [30]

Non-fighters: usually they lost. Sydor, Hatcher, Langenbrunner: they had losses, at best a draw. Not much fighting, only 9 or 10 for this type of players.


The Dallas could be in same situation like Columbus, but Helenius performance was better than Oliwas early performance. If he lost against Laraque in the early stage of the season, he could be traded away. He was average,not near TOP 10, and the middleweight division was in the same category.

Detroit Red Wings Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

The Red Wings had the same team in 00-01 season. They had the lowest fighting majors in 99-00-only 25-and it looked like they werent fought a lot more in this season. The heavyweight remains McCarty, Lapointe was a middleweight and Shanahan was a very tough player. The Detroit had everything they need: solid heavy, a top middleweight and a very tough non-fighter.

The season: Edit

Red Wings had only 34 fights,which was the second lowest in the league. But the team was very tough and we can call this team a TOP10 team. They win half of their fights and had only some losses. If the team fought more, easily they could be a TOP 5 team. McCarty had the most fights, he fought 9 times. Lapointe and Shanahan had 5-5 fights, Chelios and Fischer 3-3. The team was well organized.


1. Good fighter in every position

2. Detroit - La Game


1. They dont have much players to drop the gloves

2. Fischer vs Thornton

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Darren McCarty:

Long-time HW for the Wings had another succeful season. He had 5 wins,3 losses and 1 draw. His highlight reel was against Grimson, which was a win for him. He also beat Dwyer and May. One of his best fight was against Marchment, which was a real war. He was cut, but he throw more punches. He was also beaten by guys,which he supposed to beat. One of his surprise fight was against Cummins, when he clearly lost. He gets beat by middleweight Mayers, and he gets another cut. McCarty was solid, but a funny thing, that he was probably the weakest point in the team. Lapointe and Shanahan were top in his weightclass.

Fightcard: [31]

middleweights: Edit

Martin Lapointe:

Only 4 fights, but he didnt suffer any losses. He beat easily Lacouture and Heins and had a draw against very tough Dave Manson. One of the best pound-for-pound fighter.

Non-fighters: Another reason, why i rank the Wings to TOP 10. Shanahan and Chelios were great. Shanahan beat Dwyer, who was a heavyweigt and he also gets the win against McCabe. He badly bloodied Iginla, but the fight was a draw. Chelios was a typical non-figher, he beat Robitaille 2x and Lindsay. Fischer was another good fighter, but he had a huge loss against Thornton.

Summary: Detroit is the example,that there is no need to fight often,we can get to TOP 10 without 50 or 60 fights. They had 34 fights, they had 18 wins,5 losses and 6 draws.I f we rank the teams by percent of wins,Detroit will be the Number 1 team. But not only the winning percentage is important. Detroit wasnt the Number 1 team in the league. They were teams,like Florida,who had two very solid Heavys,two heavys who were backups and some good midlleweights. If Detroit had another solid middleweight and one more heavyweight in the team, they would be TOP 3 for sure.B ut they didnt fought more and they hadnt got a top heavy. McCarty is a light-heavy and he couldnt handle guys like Laraque or Brashear. If Detroit had Worrell or Grimson or Low,t hey could be TOP 5 for sure. But teams like Rangers, Flyers or Panthers were too much for Detroit.

Edmonton Oilers Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

Edmonton always had a good team. In the early 90s they had Dave Brown, and after 97-98 season Georges Laraque. In the 99-00 season Edmonton had over 50 fighting majors, after this season even more. The main reason was that fact ,that the team used 2 Hws and 1 Middleweight. They take Cote out of the waiwers, so they can use him as a backup enforcer. When other teams lost some enforcers,Edmonton brought some new toughness in the team.

The season: Edit

63 fighting majors was better than average, Laraque had the most fights with 18 FM. The second place took Sean Brown with 12 FMs and Jason Smith had 11 FM. The team hadnt got any problems, because all of their enforcers were healthy. The most active fighter in PS was Georges Laraque,who had 2 FMs.


1. Really strong heavyweight division

2. Good middleweights


1. Laraque was not the No.1 in the league

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Georges Laraque:

Some people called him the champ after this season, but he was the second or third best fighter in the league after this season. Usually he dominated,he beat some great names. His fightcard include names like Johnson, Low, Belak, Fedoruk or Grimson. Half of his fights were short works, because he beat easily his opponents. Boulton, Helenius, Fedoruk, Vandenbussche or Marchment: they all get beating by Laraque. His fight against Fedoruk was a very stormy fight, because they trade punches like maniacs. Against S.McCarthy was a real long war, that was i think a draw. Of course,he had some weaker fights like against Purinton, which was a hugfest. He suffererd some losses against two fighters. Both of them beat Laraque two times: Belak and Grimson. Thats the reason, why he wasnt NO.1 fighter in this season. Grimson beat him clearly, Belak had one win and possible edge against Laraque. His performance was fantastic,he beat very easily some TOP 10 fighters.

Fightcard: [32]

Sean Brown

Very good support for BGL. He handle some big names in this season. He beat guys like Vandenbussche. But we can say, that he usually fought against middleweights, because we can find names on his fightcard like Lukowich, Nolan or Mellanby. But he destroyed them all.Only big loss he had against Mellanby, which was a huge upset. It was a slugfest, which ended a TKO win for Mellanby!!Brown also had a good season with his glove on, because he played very well.

Fightcard: [33]

Patrick Cote

Only played six games, but he had two fight in one game. These two fights were awesome,b ecause he went toe-to-toe against Probert and Reid Simpson. One draw and one loss: this was his performance.

Middleweights: Edit

Jason Smith:

Very good middleweight. He gave a concussion to Harvey, because Harvey fell really badly. He beat guys like Deadmarsh or Ruutu, and had some really great scraps. His only loss was against Corson, which was a really good fight for Smith. He hadnt had any clear losses, and we must give credit to him.He had also a great scrap against Tkachuk.

Fightcard: [34]

Dan Lacouture:

He was really awful. Gets beat by Cowan, which was a real loss to him. Edmonton made a great move to trade him away.

Non-fighters: not much to say, only few scraps. Surprisingly Moreau had only 2 fights, he could be a good MW for the team.

Summary: Edmonton had a great year, they had a top heavy, a solid supporter and a really solid MW. If Moreau fought more, we could Edmonton rank higher. But this place is good as well. Deffinetly a TOP 5 team. Main reason, why we rank Edmonton that highter was Georges Laraque, who was almost the Champ in this season, howewer some people called him the champ. Brown and Smith were good as well, but not tops like Laraque. Moreau could be the NO.1. middleweight for the team, but unfortunerly they didnt fought often. Only few teams were tougher, and that is very good.

Florida Panthers Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

Same situation like Detroit.They lost nobody and acquired a minor league legend Rocky Thompson. When we talk about fights, Florida was better in 00-01, because they had 6 more fights than in 99-00. The two hevyweights of the team were Laus and Worrell with Todd Simpson, who had some solid fights in 99-00. Another heavy was the rookie Jakopin, who had in his first season three fights with Brashear. Another possibility was Joey Tetarenko,w ho started the season in the minors with Jakopin.T hey had 3 HW in the lineup and another three waited for the chance.T hey had several middlewieghts, surprsingly Jokinen was there.

The season: Edit

Florida had probably the most Hw fighters in one team. At the end of the season they were six heavys, who had one fights. Florida finished the season with 85 fights, that was the most majors in the league with Pittburgh. Main reason were the heavyweights,who had 58 fights! Worrell had the most fights, 21, then Tetarenko, Laus, Jakopin etc. But the team had some problems: Laus missed the rest of the season, only played 25 games. Thats why Tetarenko had 11 fights. If Laus was healthy, Tetarenko would be played in the minors.


1. 6 heavyweights

2. Worrell was almost unbeatable


1. Laus missed the whole season

2. Weak season for Jakopin

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights Edit

Peter Worrell:

Big Pete had a wonderful season. He beat almost every guy, who fought against him. His fightcard is not as impressive, but he had some solid wins. One of his first fights against Parker was great for him, because he ended Parkers winning streak. He easily TKOed Odgers, gave no chance to Ray and possibly beat Fedoruk. This is another debatable fight, because almost everybody called this fight a draw. He beat some non-fighters like Kyle McLaren,who gave to Worrell a cheapshot. Big mistake, because Worrell after that gave him some solid shots. Another solid fight was against Oliwa, which earned him a slight win. He challenged Chara and Gill, and had a scrap against them. If he could fought against bigger names,we could say, that he was the champ.

Fightcard: [35]

Paul Laus:

He was active in the pre-season, but unfortunately injured soon. He had only 4 fights, and they werent exciting.Against McKenzie it was edge for Big Mac, and he had two draws against Odgers and Roy. He suffered a hernia injury in Novemeber and he missed the majority of the season.

Joey Tetarenko:

He took the role, that Laus had. His first fight was brutal: he lost against McKenzie and was injured. After that he returned to action in January,when he had a solid scrap against Vandy. T hree days later he had an unbeliavable fight against Fedoruk, which was a slight loss for him. His only win according to was against Tibbets and he ended this season with a great fight against McAllister, which was a draw.

John Jakopin:

Not a great year. Not much fights, his scraps were usually boring. Had very few fights, usually hugging or short fights.

Lance Ward:

Same as Jakopin. He had only few fights, but not much. He beat Tocchet, but he had a boring fight against Odgers.

Todd Simpson:

Another dissapointment. Played only 25 games and then was traded away to Phoenix. His fights were a bit better,than the others, mainly against Corson he had a really good scrap. After this season he returned to fighting.

Middleweights: Edit

Len Barrie:

When he fought against bigger guys, he ussually lost. He beat Drury or Neckar, but McCabe and Thomas beat him easily.

Non-fighters: they were ton of them. Mellanby, Jokinen, Nilson, Payer. They were average, Mellanby scored a big win against Sean Brown.

Summary: If Florida hadnt got HWs,the team were weak.Deffinetly a TOP 3 team with the Rangers and the Flyers. I think Flyers and Rangers had better teams, thats why i rank Florida to 3 place. Worrell was great ,but the other were not near to him. Tetarenko was solid, but he hadnt scored many wins, but his fights were awesome and exciting. After Laus returned after this season, Florida was better, but Laus retired and Florida had rough time. Nowadays, the team is very sad like enforcing team. Florida had one of his better season on 00-01.

Los Angeles Kings Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

The HW on the team,Steve McKenna was picked up by Minnesota in the expansion draft.Howewer,the Kings had a very good replacement.Stu Grimson,who was a much better enforcer than McKenna,stepped to his 10th full season.But he was a bit old,and that was a high risk.Laperriere was a great Middleweight and the middleweight division was safe.Buchberger was a warrior,who stepped to his second season in LA.

The season: Edit

Not much surprise,Grimson was the most active fighter with Lapperiere,the two fighters on their weightclasses.Buchberger hadnt got as much fight like in the past seasons.The Kings finished the season with 53 fights.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights Edit

Stu Grimson:Not a great start,in the pre-season Parker destroyed him.But after that another great season for Grimson,his last good season.He clearly beat Jean Luc Grand-Pierre in his first bout.Pierre only throw one punch,after that he get dominated.After two horribele fights he destroyed Barnaby and gets an edge against Purinton in a good fight.After that a very good performance,beat some big names.Frieadrich,Cummins and an edge against Low.In the same game he KOd Simpson,which was a beauty.In the mid-season he lowed down a bit,but he gets his revenge in the end of the season.Beat Probert badly and gets an edge against Parker in a spirited scrap.He also beat Laraque two times.His only bad loss was against D.McCarty.He gets 9 wins,2 losses and 6 draws,which is pretty solid.Pro-Hockey magazine gave Grimson the Champ of 00-01 season status,which i think is correct.He was not feared like in mid 90s,but he clearly beat Laraque two times and had a wonderful fight against Parker and Probert.give him 96 percent.

Grimson fightcard:

wins:Grand Pierre,Barnaby,Frieadrich,Dingman,Simpson,Probert, Laraque 2x,Cummins draws:Belak 2x,Tamer,McKenzie,Purinton,Low,Parker loss:McCarty,Probert.

Middleweights: Edit

Ian Laperierre:Great team guy.Fought a lot in 00-01 season and made a good job.He fought sometimes against heavys,but in his weightclass was awesome.He beat twice Van Impe,Cowan once and Marshall.His only losses were against heavys or top middleweights.Mayers,Oliwa or Low beat him,but he had a draw against Odgers.

wins:Van Impe 2x,Cowan,Marshall draws:Marchment,Odgers,De Vries,Heins losses:Oliwa,Low,Mayers,Deadmarsh

Kelly Buchberger:He hadnt got any wins,only one draw and 7 losses.Only draw was against Ray,but it could be also a loss,if the final punch connected.His job wasnt for winning fights,but sticking for his teammates.

Non-fighters: only 6 fights from non-fighters,the most active fighter in this category was Luc Robitaille!!!!!

Summary:Not a bad season.A TOP HW fighter and a good Top 10 middleweight,but they hadnt got any support from his teammates.If they had a fighter like Boulton for a support and a guy like DiMaio for supporting Lappy,easily could be a toughest team in the league.the team is Top 10 material,but give 7-8 place for this team,which is pretty solid.

Minnesota Wild Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

The Wild stepped to his first season with some real tough guys.Deffinetly they looked better than Columbus with their lineup.In the start of the season they try Odgers,who was waiwed,than they had Johnson,Blouin and McKenna,who was traded away in the mid-season.O Donnell and Andy Sutton were great team guys,always sticking for their teammates.So they had enough toughness to survive and for protecting skille d guys.

The season: Edit

59 fights is not bad for a rookie team.Most of the fights were heavyweight fights,and the main enforcer was Matt Johnson.He had some great fights and he played 50 games,which is not bad.Blouin was the No.2. fighter and the team,he battled with McKenna for the roster spot.Sutton and O donell take care of the midleweights,but the team hadnt got many fights from non-fighters,which is not important.

Players performances:

Heavyweights Edit

Matt Johnson:His performance was bit underrated.He had a really good reputation from minors,like Parker,but he was a bit dissapointment after every season.Usually he had boring fights,but in the past he had some memorable fights.We can say same for this season.He had some really boring fights,but he had also a good amount of good fights.His first fight was not good,he clearly get the worst from Debrusk.After that he had 3 close fights against fighters like Belak,Low and Laraque.He gets a win against Janssens and after that he TKOed Parker.The rest of the season was not exciting for him,he had some horrible fights against guys like Stevenson or against Brashear.If he had two or three more good fights,he could be easily a TOP 10 fighter,but he hadnt had any bad losses.He did his job,give him 87 percent.

wins:Stevenson,Janssens,Belak,Parker draws:Brashear,Stevenson,Belak,Low loss:Laraque-imo draw,Brashear

Sylvain Blouin:He took care light-heavys or middleweights.But we can find some real heavys on his list.In the ned of the season he was real active.He usually wins,but he had some losses too.In the begining he wasnt impressive,get beat guys like Purinton or Warrener.His best fight was against McAllister,where he surprisingly won.He beats almost all No.2. fighters in each team,like Stevenson or Webb.He gets his job done,give him 81,becasuse he hadnt fought against bigger names.

wins:Helenius 2x,Webb,Quintal,McAllister,,Stevenson loss:Purinton,Warrener,Belak draw:Marchment.

Steve McKenna: only 3 fights,his only meaningless fight was against Probert.

Middleweight: Edit

Andy Sutton:usually fought against heavys,and did his jib well.He had a real good T2T fight with Odjick and had some scraps against guys like Sawyer or Grand-Pierre. Sean O Donnell:he was the real middleweight.Fought against guy like Mayers or Tucker,but he can also went with heavys.He had 2 fights in one game against Mayers,he earned a win and a loss.

Summary: It is real tough to rank this team.Probably between 10-15,because the team had some big fights like Sutton vs Odjick or Johnson vs Janssens. The team had more wins than losses,but there isnt a huge win on any of their fighters list.Blouin was solid,Johnson was also solid,and we can say,the team was solid too.The 10-15 rank is good,probably 10-12.

Montreal Canadiens Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

Canadiens after a solid season was in a trouble.They lost Thornton and Corson,two of the best middleweights in the league,who could fought also against HWs.There were also changes in the HW league.Cummins was traded away,the replacement was Stock,who played only the half season for Habs,after that the team acquired Odjick for Stock.Fortunetly for the team,they had Asham,who was another top MW,but if the team had still Corson and Thornton,the situation were much better.

The season: Edit

Only 46 fights is not much.Asham was the player,who had the most FMs with 8 fights,which is sad.If Stock could play for the Montreal little longer,i think he could have the most FM.His replacement Odjick had problems with his hand,thats why he fought only 5 times.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

P.J. Stock: Only played 20 games,but he had some memorable fights.Unfortunetly it was all loses for him.His only win was against Stevens in a average fight.After that he had a good fight against McCarthy,who bloodied him pretty good.Against Boulton he had another loss,Boulton puts him off-balance.His last fight was against Marshall,which was a c*** fight,because the linesmen break them up.After this he was traded away to Philadelphia for Odjick.

Gino Odjick: His performance wasnt good because of his hands.In the begining of the season he had a very good fight against Sutton,but after that nothing good.Against Grand-Pierre and Domi he had a terrible fight and the other three fights were also horrible.

Enrico Ciccone:He played only three games and 2 fights against Purinton.The first fight between these two was not great,only shots to the back of the head.In the second Purinton was in deffensive position,so i give to Ciccone a win.

Middleweights: Edit

Aaron Asham: Only reason why we can put Montreal higher than Columbus.He started to fight in January,a fantastic toe-to-toe fight against Barnaby.Usually fought against middleweight or non-fighters,but he had some memorable fights against heavys.His absolutely best fight was against Dwyer,which earned him a slight edge.But on the other hand,he fought against Donovan,who is a non-fighter.

Sheldon Souray: he helped to Odjick in the mid-season,where he fought against HW.We can find names like Nazarov,McKenna or Boughner on his fightcard.

Non-fighters: Not much,we can speak about Linden.He had two fight and two wins.

Summary: I think a really bad season for Habs.No HW,because of Odjicks hands,only one good MW and non-fighter.If they had a solid Hw and one more Mw,the team could be between 15-20.For this reason i put Montreal between 20-25.

Nashville Predators Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

After Cote was traded away,who was the first enforcer for this team,Nashville had still some HWs.Unfortunetly,they played only in PS,or only some games.Cotes replacement was Myhres and Stevenson,who played only couple of games.So the HWs were out of the season,so only sollution was a quality MW.Walker and hulse played for this season well,but they hadnt got as much fighting majors.

The season: Edit

Only 38 fights,most fights had Stevenson,who played only 8 games!!!!Cale Hulse and Walker followed fim with 5 fights,which is pretty sad.This team was i think the worst enforcing team in this season with Washington.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Brantt Myhres: His performances was disapointing,because he had only 4 fights in 20 games.And mainly,his fights were boring.Fights against Low or Vandenbussche were short and uneventful.In the mid-season he was traded away to Washington,were he played his last games in the NHL.

Marc Moro: He got his chance in January,when he played only 6 games.Against Simpson he gets the win and against Cummins a draw.

Middleweights: Edit

Jeremy Stevenson:Incredible activity: 8 fights in 8 games.But we must say,that fights werent exciting.He fought against Johnson 2x,Blouin 1x and Sutton 1x. So he had a little rivalry against the Wild.He beat Sutton,other fights were draw or loss.

Cale Hulse: He usually fought against HWs,because the team hadnt got any players,who can fought against bigger guys.Not much luck,because he get beat by Cummins and Thornton,against Heins he had a draw and he also fought against May.

Scott Walker:Only good fighter in this team.He beat Marshall in a great slugfest.His fights were usually T2T against bigger guys like Sean Brown.Another slugfest had against Wilm,which was a draw.He also had a great win in the pre-season against Zmolek.


Hartnell was the only one,who can be mentioned.4 fights,but usually boring.Also had a big loss against Helenius.


Terrible year for a fight fans in Nashville.No HW,only one good MW and one non-fighter.i rank Nasvhille the one of the worst enforcing team in this season.Too bad,that they cant kept Cote in this team,because he had probably lot of work.

New Jersey Devils Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

The Devils lost two of the most active fighters in the team.Both.Oliwa and Odelein,went to Columbus.They made a good trade,because the replacement was very solid: Jim McKenzie,who was a high risk,because he hadnt fought much in 99-00.I think he did the job in NY like in Phoenix.He fought well and the team was very solid behind him.The support was also solid: White,Stevenson,McKay or Daneyko.Pretty tough guys.NY had a pretty solid rivalry with Philadelphia,everytime they met,in the ice were brawls.

The season: Edit

62 fights is great,most FMs had Big Mac,then White,Stevenson etc.Deffinetly a Top 5 material,and i think the team made this ranking.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Jim McKenzie:Another great HW legend.I think he made the Top 5 list.After a bad start,when he had some boring fights,he made his comeback.His first great fight was against Sandy McCarthy,which was a clear win for McKenzie.These two met 3 times in this season,the second fight was edge for McCarthy and the third was a win for McCarthy.Another rivalry was against McAllister.Another 3 fight series,with 1 win,1 draw and 1 loss for their first fight McKenzie was cut,imo a draw,in the second was a great win for Mac and in the third,which was a c**p fight,was a win for McAllister.He destroyed Tetarenko,Tetarenko must went to the locker room for repairs.Another two wins he gets against Nazarov.Give to McKenzie 89 percent,because he usually got the win and his losses were slight.

McKenzie fightcard:

wins: Laus,Tetarenko,Langdon,Nazarov 2x,McCarthy,McAllister loss:McCarthy 2x-imo one draw,McAllister draws:Parker,Grimson,McAllister,Richardson

Middleweights: Edit

Turner Stevenson:Another player,who had a rivalry. Stevenson and Stock had 3 fights,one win,one loss and one draw.These fights were usually exciting,but the other ones were boring like fight against Purinton or Melichar.

Colin White:After he destroyed Doig in the pre-season,he continue fighting and had the 2nd most FM in his team.He used his long arms well for example against Stock or Boughner.In his last fights he took on some HWs like Nazarov or Dwyer.He did a great job,hitting and the fighting were in solid level.

Scott Stevens:Another tough defenceman,who had some great scraps.His absolute best fight was against Tocchet,which was a draw.Also had a little war against McCarthy,which was unfortunetly broken by the linesmen.In the playoff scored a win against Ozonlish.

Ken Daneyko:Wasnt active as his early days,but he deserved respect for his play.Unfortunetly he get KOd by Malhotra,which was a huge upset.

Randy McKay:Another player,who had in his early days lot of PMs.His fight against McAllister was terrible,he ended up in a hopeless situation,fortunetly for him McAllister didnt destroy him.


Not much,guys like Arnott or Elias had one-one FMs.


A great year for NY with a huge rivalry against Rangers and Flyers,two of the toughest teams in the league.Rank NY Devils in 4-5 position,only Florida,Rangers,Flyers had tougher teams and maybe Colorado.

NY Islanders Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

The Islanders had almost the same enforcing team after 99-00.But there was a big problem: after the PS the main enforcer of the team,Eric Cairns had problems with his health and he cant drop his gloves for the rest of the season.His role was taken by Berube,who arrived to NY in December. The middleweight division was safe,because they were players like Scatchard or Isbister.

The season: Edit

the team finished the season with 40 fights,which was almost the half of the FMs they had in 99-00.Main characters were Webb and Chara,and this situation was sad for the team. Cairns started to fight only at the end of the season,he made his return in 01-02.Berube was too old and i think he had some problems also.So Chara and Webb were the HWs,and Scatchard the middleweight.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: =Edit

Eric Cairns:'Only 4 fights,but when he was healthy in the PS,he was dangerous.Broke Lessards jaw in the pre-season and also had a good fight with Steve McLaren.Unfortunetly he injured and had only 2 fights in the season. Against Nazarov it was a draw and against Tibbets a clear win.

Steve Webb:Starts good in the season,he badly bloodied Odjick nose.I think the fight was draw,Odjick throw some bombs too,a good toe-to-toe fight.After that he gets a draw against Berube,when Berube was in Washington. Purinton and Hordichuk,the two rookies gave to Webb clear losses,also against Blouin he cant win. His last action was an unfair fight against Kasparaitis,who didnt fight back.

Zdeno Chara:In this time Chara wasnt a good fighter,his fights were usually boring.he had huge reach advantage he beat Barnaby and had some fights against bigger guys like Worrell or McKenna,these fights were draw.

Craig Berube:Only 3 fights,and not a great ones.This team tested 5 fighters for this role,but nobody had this job for a long time.Berube had fights against fighters like Jakopin or Boughner,which is not too good. His only win was against Tamer.

Ray Schultz:He had some great names on his fightcard,but he had some bad losses.His fight against Tocchet was a disaster.Also had fights with veteran tough guys like Odjick or Ray.

Middleweights: Edit

Dave Scatchard:The only middleweight on the team.


Not much to say,Isbister fought against Matteau.


Another bad enforcing team,only Nashville was worse than Islanders.If Cairns was heatlhy,it could be different situation,because Webb could fight against MW.In the following seasons the team was much better,especially in 02-03 season,when they were NO.1. in the league.

NY Rangers Edit

Situation after 99-00: Edit

Rangers had a terrible year in 99-00.Only heavy,Darren Langdon only played 20 games and the main enforcer was Quintal.The Rangers realised that and traded away Langdon for McCarthy and give chance to Purinton,who had a huge reputation on the farm team.Another change was Pilon,who had finally some fight on the list.He hadnt got any of them in 99-00,but in this season he had over 10 fights.The Rangers also acquired Brad Brown,who came from Chicago after a solid season.So the roster was way better than in 99-00.

The season: Edit

The Rangers finished the season with 73 figths,which is lot better than in 99-00,when they had only 29 FMs.Dale Purinton had the most fights with 25 in only 42 games.Pilon and McCarthy had over 10 fights,a bit dissapointment was Brad Brown,who had only 5 fights in 48 games.

Players performances: Edit

Heawyweights: Edit

Dale Purinton:A big surprise here.He made an impression in the camp,he fought McCarthy several times.He fought against all of the big heavys,he deserved respect for that.Some names from his card:Parker,Grimson,Oliwa,Laraque,Worrell,Domi to name a few.But we must say,that against Laraque or Domi he had a horrible fight,against Laraque was just a few seconds fight,because Purinton wrestled Laraque down.Against Domi it was a hugfest.He had two very long and great fights against Grimson or Corson,where he earned the draw.His wins were usually against fighters,who doesnt amongs to the Top 10.He beat Webb,Boughner,Marshall,Blouin,Stevenson.So nut too much.But against top heavys he held his own,like Grimson or Fedoruk.Give to Purinton 84 percent.

Purinton fightcard:

wins:Webb,Boughner,Marshall,Blouin,Stevenson,Cicco ne-imo a draw draws:Grimson-edge Grimson,Blouin,Fedoruk,Worrell,Corson,Nazarov,Lara que,Domi loss:Parker,Ciccone,Oliwa,Cummins

Sandy McCarthy:A contoversial person.He hadnt got much fights,but he had some real good fights on his list.His rivalries against Oliwa and McKenzie was awesome.He beat Oliwa two times and had one win and an edge against McKenzie.Howewer,he had a terrible fight against May,when he slipped and May pounds him.We can say a draw,but we can also say a decisice loss to McCarthy.Another great T2T fight was against Stock,when McCarthy bloodied Stock really badly.Another really good performance was against McAllister and Laraque,where he gets a draw.If he fought more,he could be a Top 5 material,but we must say,that somewhere he didnt made the top 10 list.I think he made this rankings,give him 86 percent.

wins:Stock,McKenzie 2x,Oliwa 2x, loss:McKenzie,May-debatable draws:McAllister,Laraque

Rich Pilon:He usually fought against HW,his best fight was absolutely against Cummins,where he bloodied Cummins really bad.He also fought against guys like Johnson or Fedoruk,but he had a fight against Jagr!!!!!This was not a fight,only Pilon threw two punches.After that he beat Barnaby in a real fight. Brad Brown:

He had some problems,because in the season he had only 4 fights.he badly bloodied Low,but Belanger dropped him with one punch.His last fight was against Odgers,also earned a win against Nash.

Middleweights:- Edit


Only Graves was active,he beat Skalde and had a draw against LaFlamme.Kloucek had also 3 fights against New Jersey.


The Rangers improved a lot,he had two very good HWs,unfortunetly no middleweights.Deffinetly a Top 5 team,only Florida,Philadelphia or maybe Colorado was better.

Ottawa Senators Edit

Situation after 99-00: Edit

Ottawa hadnt got any good enforcers in 99-00.Situation wasnt better after the training camp,because Neil was sent down and the only HW was Andre Roy,who had a terrible year in 99-00 season.The middleweight division wasnt better,but fortunetly for the team Shane Hnidy made the team.Without these two Ottawa hant got any fighters,because Fisher or Redden were non-fighters.

The season: Edit

47 fights was not bad after the last season,when the team had only 32 fighting majors.Roy was the main enforcer with Hnidy,they fought together 29 times,which is more than a half of the team FMs.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Andre Roy:Another terrible season.I think Roy and Lambert were the worst enforcers in the league.But the problem was,that Ottawa hant got any other enforcer in the team,while Odgers saved Atlanta.According Roy hadnt got any wins in this season,and i cant give any wins to him too.According to the other site Roy beat Goren and Cowan,which is not a good performance.Personally i dont see these fights.But he get some big losses against Ray,Nolan or Domi.He was a punching bag against Brashear,who pounds him to the ice.Against Laus he had a draw,but this fight was weak.After this season he improved a bit,but we cant give to Roy more than 50 percent.He was very,very weak in this season.

Middleweights: Edit

Shane Hnidy: Pretty solid season for him,good rookie year.He had 9 fights with some good names on his list.His first fight was against Belanger,which was a loss to him.But after that he had some great fights.His absolute best fight was against Corson,which was a draw.He beat Bertuzzi and had scraps against Asham or Dwyer.Pretty tough fightlist,he deserves respect for that.


Wade Redden and Mike Fisher were the only ones,who dropped their gloves.Redden KOd Grier in the PS,after that he lost against Primeau.Fisher had a slight edge against Langkow and a draw against Graves.

Summary: This team was very weak,after this season Neil gets recalled and the situation was better.Give to this team the 27th place.Only the Predators,the Islanders and the Capitals were worse in enforcing,than the Senators.

Philadelphia Flyers Edit

Philadelphia Flyers:

Situation after 99-00: Edit

Flyers had a real bad start of the season comparing with 99-00.In 99 they had McCarthy,a very good Berube and Richardson.McCarthy was traded away just before the end of the season and Berube was in Washington.They decided to acquire another legendary enforcer,Gino Odjick.It is strange,because Philadelphia wanted only well respected guys like Berube,McCarthy or Odjick.But soon they must realized,that Odjick is not good as in the past.Fortunetly they acquired Chris McAllister on the off-season and had many guys in the minors like Lessard,Boulerice or Fedoruk.In the MW division was anything like before:Richardson and Primeau were ready to go anytime.In the mid-season P.J.Stock arrived and Odjick left,who past his prime.Imo Philadelphia made a good trade.

The season: Edit

Todd Fedoruk and Chris McAllister are the main reasons,why this team was the toughest in this season.They rarely lost,fought often. Richardson has a good season too.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Todd Fedoruk:The team recalled him in November,sent down in December and gets recalled again in the late days of December.He started good,beat Ray and bloodied Barnaby.The following two fights were the only fights,when he clearly lost.Odgers bloodied him pretty good and renew his cut against Langdon.In 5.January he beat Odgers-which was a c**p fight and beat Staios easily.Against Worrell he earned a draw accoding,but i think Worrell gets the narrow win here.On week later he had a really great bou against Tetarenko,which was another win for the Fridge.The following two fights were draws against Schultz and Purinton.At the end he los against Laraque,but it was a great fight.He finished the season against Belak,which was a nothing fight,the refs intervene.

Chris McAllister:He had two rivalry:had 3 fights against McKenzie going 1-1-1 and two fight against Nazarov.He TKOed McAllister and Nazarov and also beat McKay in a short scrap.He was dominant,beat Oliwa and Belanger clearly.He didnt suffer any big losses,which is quite good.

P.J.Stock:Another good fighter,he had a really big rivalry against NY.He fought against Stevenson 3 times going 1-1-1 and fought against NY players like White,Stevens and Arnott.He clearly beat Reirden and Boughner and earned a nice win against Reid Simpson.

Middleweights: Edit

Luke RichardsonHe beat almost all MW and had some big fights against HW like Belanger,Worrell and Friadrich.He held his own against all of them,except Worrell,who beat him clearly.

Rick Tocchet: Had a wonderful fight against Stevens and couple more against Royer on PS.Only one loss against Ward.


Langkow and Fedotenko surprisingly droped the gloves more than once.


Best enforcing teams in the league:if disagree,just watch some of their fights.Had an intensive rivalry against New Yersey and Florida,almost all categories they had a TOP 10 fighter.

Phoenix Coyotes Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

The team didnt make any huge changes in the enforcer lineup.They acquired Brad May,who was the replacemet for Sawyer,who went to Anaheim.May had some real good seasons in the past,so they had a well respected tough guy for a rookie.Themain enforcer was DeBrusk,who was in his end of his career.The MW division was safe,Landon Wilson and other guys like Roenick and Doan can fight.

The season: Edit

38 fights,Debrusk and May had 9-9 fights.Then Landon Wilson had 7 fights,then the others 2 or 1.So nut much,they had 2 HW and 1 MW active.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights Edit

Louie DeBrusk:DeBrusk was the NO.1. fighter in this team.He start the season well,beat Johnson easily.Then he had a great fight against McCarty,which was another win for him.Surprisingly he had two fights against Hatcher with 1 win and one draw.In December he had one more fight,after that he stoped fighting.i think he was injured,but the last fight was against Asham.DeBrusk could be a Top 10 material,but he didnt fought many times,but his performance was good.

Brad May:He TKOed Helenius in PS,the revenge fight was a loss for May.His season wasnt good as DeBrusk season,but he held his own usually.Only once was clearly beaten and it was against McCarty.He had a small fight against Sandman,but McCarthy slipped.Another memorable fight was a win against Boulton.

Middleweight: Edit

Landon Wilson:A true MW,fought always against his weightclass.He beat Sacco and Sydoe and also had a battle against Lapperierre and Lindsay.He had a good season,played 70 games and had 18 goals,which is great.

Non-fighters:Roenick,Doan and Tkachuk had 2-2 fights,only memorable fight was a Tkachuk vs Smith fight.

Summary:Not much write about this team,an average team,so sad they had only 38 majors.May and Debrusk were good enforcers for the team and Wilson was also good.Too sad he hadnt got any support

Pittsburgh Penguins Edit

Situation after 99-00: Edit

At the start of the season,Pittsburgh had the same time like in 99-00.But when the season end,in Pittsburgh the situation was much different.They acquired McKenna and Oliwa,two HW fighters,which was the soft point in the team,because at the start they didnt have any of them.Bonvie was sent down,so the GM decided to acquire Oliwa from Columbus and McKenna from Minnesota.They traded away Matthew Barnaby,he was the player who had the most FM in the team.So the two players,who had the most FMs in 99-00 was sent down or get traded away.

The season: Edit

Pitsburg had 85 FMs,when the season finished and thats the first position for most FMs per season for the team.It is strange,because Oliwa and Barnaby,the two players with most FMs played in Pittsburgh only half season.Barnaby played 47 games with 16 fights and Oliwa played only 27 games and fought 16 times!!!!The only player was Bob Boughner,who played full season for the Pens and got 14 FMs.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Krzysztof Oliwa: After an unsuccesful period,when he played for Columbus,he was traded away to Pittsburgh.I think he injured in his first game with Pittsburgh,and he returned in January.In his first fight as a Penguins player he won against Lambert,who was one of the worst enforcer in the league.His second fight was much different: he lost clearly against Philly enforcer McAllister.One week later he fought against the other enforcer in the Flyers,Todd Fedoruk.Result:TKO for Fedoruk!!! Oliwa wanted to prove,that he is one of the better fighters in the league,but he had terrible season.He get in to a fight against Shelley,which was a draw.He held his own against McCarthy and Worrell,which was still a loss,but only a slight one.Against Dingman was a terrible fight,draw.In the late of the season he choose some surprising opponents like Pitlick or Mezei,but his only big win was against Purinton,which is not good.McCarthy beat him again and his last fight was against Richardson.A very bad season for Oliwa,he beat only 2 HWs,and had 19 fights!!!!!!Almost every HW beat him,so give to Oliwa 70 percent.He was one of the biggest letdown in 00-01.

wins:Lambert,Laperierre,Lambert,Purinton,Mezei draws:Quintal,Myhres 2x,Dingman,Nazarov. losses:Worrell,McCarthy 2x,Fedoruk,Parker,McAllister.

Steve McKenna:He was the same as Oliwa,his first a fight against Sawyer.His fights were boring,only against Shelley he had a better fight,which was a slight edge for him.Against Souray and against Chara he had a wrestling match,so nothing fights.His last fight was memorable:Chris McAllister TKOed him,so another terrible season for a Pens player.He had two fights,which we can call an edge for him,so no clear wins.4 fights were he just wrestled,so boring fights.And one big loss against McAllister.He had so terrible balance,i dont know why Pittsburgh acqired him.But the following season he had some good fights,so give him 65 percent.

Billy Tibbets:

Another terrible season,he lost against Mayers.Held his own against Tetarenko,but still a loss.Only win for him was against Dave Reid,who played in his career 961 games and had only 5 fights.His performance was horrible.

Middleweigts: Edit

Matthew Barnaby:When the team hadnt got any HWs,he was the HW for his team.The result:beatings.Fedoruk TKOed him pretty badly and leave him bloodied. Against Worrell he hadnt got any chance,Stu Grimosn destroyed him and Hordichuk give him 3 losses in 3 days.His last Pens fight was against Odgers,which was also a loss.In Pittsburgh he beat only DiMaio and Cowan,so is weightclass.Barnaby was in bad position,he must fought against much bigger fighters,so not a surprise he lost so many times.

Bob Boughner:Only player who had more wins than losses.His highlight reel was a win against F.Belanger,who was a HW.But he lost against Stock,White and Purinton.But he had better days like a draw against Berube and Stock in their first meeting.ň

Non-fighters:not much,only some fights from Slegr,who gets TKOed by Domi and a few nothing fights.

Summary: Pittsburgh was a disaster.Somebody called him the worst enforcing team,but we must say they had chance to be better.Oliwa and McKenna:they had the worst seasons in their careers.Barnaby was in a bad position.I was surprised they didnt call up Bonvie.I rank Pittsburg between 25-30,prbably 26.They had better team like Nashville or Tampa Bay, give him the 26 place.But the worst team between teams,who had minimal 1 HW in his lineup.

San Jose Sharks Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

Sj had a pretty tough team in the mid 90s.Names like Odgers,McSorley,Ewen were in this team.But in the late 90s the team become a little softer.They still had Myhres and Stern,but after the 99-00 season they all left the club.Myhres went to Nashville and Stern announced his retirement.n the off-season they acquired veterans Kruse and Poeschek,but they didnt play all year.Kruse played only 1 game and Poesckek only played in PS.That means Sj hadnt got any HW fighter on the season,which is pretty sad.The MW division was much different:guys like Marchment and Thornton were really good fighters,and they had another players like Bradley and Smith.

The season: Edit

47 fights,most fights had Marchment with 13,then Heins and Thronton.Thornton had only 5 fights,the folowing year had 12.Heins was little surprise,he fought earlier in the season with HW.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

the only HW was Kruse,who played only 1 game.He had a fight against Low,which was a really good and long fight,Low with an edge.

Middleweights: Edit

Bryan Marchment:Earlier f his career he fought against guys like Twist or Probert.In this stage of the career he was the main fighter in his teams,who usually fought against MW.But he had some highlight fights in thisseason.His absolute best showing was against Darren McCarty,which was a slugfest,McCarty had a cut,but it was a draw.According to he had a loss against Moreau,but i think this was draw at best for Moreau.He had a jump,but Marchment wrestled him down and start firing,with probably 2-3 landed. That was after the hit on Weight.Laraque was the guy,who truly gets the revenge for that hit,because later of the season he TKOed Marchment.He held his own against Blouin and Domi,but the Domi fight was a loss for him.His only win was against Buchberger according,but he usually fought for his team,and had only 1 or two big losses.The other fights were draws or slight losses.

Shawn Heins: He took on some big names like Belak and Vandenbussche,in both of this fights he deserved respect.He was like Marchment:hadnt got any big wins,but also he hadnt got any big losses.Almost all of his fight are a draws or slight losses.He had draw agains t Lapperierre,Hulse and Belak and slight losses against Lapointe,Vandenbussche and Pushor.Perfect team guy.

Scott Thornton:A very unerrated fighter imo,hisn highlight reel was a beating he gave to Fischer.Fischer nailed him in the beginning and Thornton wanted to fight at the end.Fischer took a beating here,he was bloodied badly.He showed his big heart,when he took on McAllister,but he held his own.He beat Hulse too,but too sad he didnt drop his gloves more often.

Matt Bradley: He played only 21 games,but fought three times in the middle of the season.Lacotoure was his first opponent,after that he had a loss against Morrow and had another fight with Eakins.

Todd Harvey: He had only 2 fights because of the injury he suffered in his last fight against Smith.He fought before against Odelein.

Mark Smith:He had only 3 fights,but he beat J.Marshall,which was a really good fight.

Owen Nolan: He is underrated imo.He beat Roy,held his own against Brown and had a draw against Wiemer.Pretty good fightcard.

Non-fighters. Only Matteau deserve the mention,he had two draws against Isbister and Mayers.

Summary: Because they hadnt got HW,he mmust rank 20-25.But the MW division was very tough.Unfortunetly the Sharks didnt realized they need HW.After the Shelley cheapshot on Brad Stuart they finally realized that and acquired Scott Parker,who was the first heavy since 1999-00.

St.Louis Blues Edit

Situation after 99-00: Edit

After Kelly Chase retired,and Poeschek went to the SJ Sharks,the Blues hadnt got any HW fighter.They did the right thing:acquired Reid Simpson and gave the chance to the young Reed Low.They also lost Blouin,but he didnt play on the regular season.The MW division was very strong: Jamal Mayers,who had a solid 99-00 season and some other tough guys like Drake,Savador,Nash etc.St.Louis looked better than in 99-00,they had two HW,who played almost all games and very strong MW.

The season: Edit

St.Louis increased their FMs comparing the 99-00,they had 70 fights including pre-season.Reed Low had a fantastic start,he had 12 fights in 13 games!!!!But unfortunetly he got injured and played only 56 games.Still 23 fights is a really good performance for a rookie.Almost everybody had him in his Top 10 list.Jamal Mayers had 11 FMs,which is another good performance with solid results also.In the third place was Simpson,he had his worst season,but i rewiew this a little later,why he had a bad season.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Reed Low: At the end of the season everybody agreed,that Low is a quality replacement for Chase and Twist.He had awesome start,his first fight was against Matt Johnson,which was a bit wretling match,each had one-one good shots,that connected in the same time.He fought against everybody,perfect example is his next fight against Lapperierre.He took on Bob Probert,which was an edge for him.Then he beat another two MWs,Wiemer and Marshall.Another meaningless fight was against Langdon,which was a typical fight for Langdon.His absolute best showing was against Parker in November,which was a hard fought draw.They had a spirited bout in AHL from 99-00,which was the fight of the year.If you want to see this AHL fight,i posted this fight on Adams hockey site long time ago,you can find there if you register.When you register and login,it open a new topic called AHS exlusive board and you can find this fight.But after the Parker fight he suffered a big loss against Laraque.Then he gets bloodied by Brad Brown,before that he had an absolute war against Domi,where he earned an edge.Later on that season he beat May badly and had a fantastic fight against Vandenbussche,when he bloodied Vandy.In March he suffered a clear loss against Parker and a win against Allison.He earned the Top 10 spot.

wins:Allison,May,Vandenbussche,Kruse,Jakopin,Domi-edge,Marshall,Wiemer,Probert-edge, loss:Laraque,Brown,Parker draws:Parker ,Johnson,Grimson

Reid Simpson:He was an underrated fighter,in his prime he was dangerous,beat names like Grimson and McSorley.But this season was his worst along with the previous season.After the firsdt few fights,when he fought against guys like Traverse or Quintal,he get KOed by Grimson.Probert beat him good also.Rookie Moro and a small warior Stock beat him too.Absolutely horrible season,but the following year he was much better.

Middleweights: Edit

Jamal Mayers:One of the best MWs in this season.He beat HW like McCarty and Billy Tibbets,which is for a Mw very good.Also had 2 fights in one game against O Donnell,one win and one loss.He beat another solid MW,Laperierre and had draw against Matteau and Leroux.Absolutely team player,watch his reaction after Simpson was KOed.Top 5 MW for this season for sure.

Bryce Salvador:Another good guy,he had some solid scraps against big names.Held his own against May and had a win againt Buchberger.He get beat by Dingman,but he had only one big loss.

Non fighters-Mellanby and Nash had more than 1 scrap and Mellanby beat Sean Brown and had a good fight against rookie Boulton.Average fights in this division.

Summary: Another Top 10 team.They had almost everything: a solid TOP 10 HW,a Top 5 MW and a tough non-enforcer division.Maybe they werent a Top 5 team,but one of the better teams for sure.

Tampa Bay Lighting Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

Reid Simpson supposed to be the main enforcer for this team in 99-00,but he suffered a broken jaw in a fight and never be the same after that.He was traded away to St.Louis,so Tampa Bay had only 2 other HW left.Gordie Dwyer,who wasnt a top fighter,only played 28 games,and Kyle Friadrich,who had only 13 games.It means the team hadnt got in the majority of the season any HW.At the end of the season Tampa acquired Barnaby,who wasnt a HW,but a good agitator.The team had some tough players,like Sarich and Wayne Primeau or Ben Clymer,but that wasnt enough.

The season: Edit

56 fights,most fights Gordie Dwyer with 10 and Matthew Barnaby with 10.After that Frieadrich and Primeau with 7-6.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Gordie Dwyer:He was the main enforcer,which is pretty sad.One of the worst enforcers in the league,he even had a loss against Shanahan.Shanahan is a very good fighter,but if you are NO.1. fighter on one team,you must defeat guys like Shanahan.In the same game he had another loss against McCarty,which is not a surprise.He usually fought against MW or non-fighters,his best showing was against Nolan Pratt,which was a narrow win to him.he scored a win against Staios and had a very good fight against Asham.I think we can say,that Dwyer is a light-heavy,but his size is like Neil size and Neil is much better fighter than Dwyer.Give Dwyer 65 percent.

wins:Staios,Pratt loss:Asham,Shanahan,McCarty,

Kyle Friadrich:Another dissapointment,he had the size,but in the season he had only losses.He held his own against Parker,but Parker with a slight win.After that he take on Grimson,another slight loss.But against Richardson he had another loss,which was a big surprise,probably a KD win for Luke.His last fight was against Domi,Domi takes him down and gets some punches in. Pretty awful season for him,his last season in NHL.

Midlleweights Edit

Matthew Barnaby:He was very active as always,but his results were bad.He had a mini-rivalry against Nazarov,three wins for Naz.After that he had a c**p fight against Daneyko,which was a draw and a really good bout against Domi,which was only a sight edge for Domi.At the end he took on two good HW,Purinton and McCarthy,which were horrible fights.Also had a draw againt Witt.His only win was against Tuzzolino.

Wayne Primeau: Real surprise here.He avenged Friadrichs loss,he beat Richardson in the same game,against Ozonlish another win.

Non-Fighters:Sarich was pretty active,he had a fight against Worrell,but this was a clear win for Big Pete.He helad his own against Tucker and Guerin and beat Fedortenko.Big surprise was Lecavalier,when he fought against Pilon.

Summary: pretty weak season,no HW in the majority of the season,if there was a HW,nothing special.MW division was bit better and the rest was average.Rank Tampa Bay between 25-30,but probaly

Toronton Maple Leafs Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

Toronto made some changes in the line-up,the veteran Kris King was sent to Chicago and Chris McAllister went to Philadelphia.The replacement was fair good:the Maple Leafs acquired two veterans,Dave Manson and Shayne Corson.Manson wasnt as active as in his early days,but Corson still droped em.Toronto had still Tie Domi,who was the main enforcer in the team.They were still guys like McCabe and Tucker,who fought pretty usual.In March,Toronto bring some more toughness,they acquired Wade Belak,who was a great supporter at hte end of the season.

The season: Edit

The team had 65 FMs,which is not bad.Domi fought 19 times,Corson 12 times etc.They had one more HW,Shawn Thorton,who fought only in Pre-season.

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweight: Edit

Tie Domi:Domi had an average season.He fought sometimes against non-fighters,against elite HW he held his own,but he didnt win much.He had a terrible fight against Brashear,after that he had a slight loss against Belanger.His two fights in one game against Roy wasnt a good fight,but he won the second fight.Another three fight against HW,but not good fights.After a three draw,he clearly lost against Laraque,one week later he had a pretty good bout against Low.In December he beat Van Impe,which was his second win.In the same game he had a bad start against Belanger,but after that he earned the draw.He TKOed Slegr,beat Frieadrich,McKay and Marchment.These arent big names,but better than nothing.At the end of the season he suffered two losses against Brashear,and one win against Barnaby.

wins:Roy,Van Impe,McKay,Marchment,Frieadrich,Barnaby,Slegr, draw: Brashear,Roy,Low2x,Langdon,Purinton,Belanger loss:Belanger,Brashear2x,Laraque,Odjick

Wade Belak: only 3 fights in Maple Leafs jersey,but with good performance.He beat Laraque and Francis Belanger and had a fight against Fedoruk,which was broken up.

Middleweights: Edit

Shayne Corson: One of the best MW in this season,who can go against bigger guys.He beat almost all guys from his weightclass,and had some good bouts against HW.His absolutely best fight was against Purinton,which was a draw,but in the start he dominated.Two days later he had another memorable fight against Todd Simpson,which was a draw.He clearly destroyed Lukowich and Karpa,another dominant fight was against Van Impe.Another meaningless fight was against Sarault,which was another clear win.Relly good season for him.

wins: Lukowich,Jason Smith,Van Impe,Karpa,Sarault draws:Hnidy,Purinton,Simpson,Reekie

Darcy Tucker:Another great fighter,he had only one bad loss against Lawrence.He had great start,a draw against O Donnell and two big wins against Adams and Sarich.He started a fight against Ray,but he was only on defence.At the end he beat Nilson and had a draw against Haller.

Bryan McCabe:Only few good bouts,the rest was dissapointment.He had a really good fight against Barnaby,which was a draw.Only win for him was against Barrie,other were draws and a slight loss against Shanahan.

Non-fighters:Not much,Roberts was in fight against Belanger,but the fight was very one-sided.Steve Thomas held his own against Wiemer and had a win against Barrie.


Great season,another TOP 10 material with Vancouver.The HWs was average,but the MWs were one of the best.We can rank Toronto between 8-10.

Vancouver Canucks Edit

Situation after 99-00 season: Edit

Vancouver had a good season in 99-00,but one event is a black mark in the history of the club.You probably know,what i ma talking about:McSorley cheapshot on Brashear.It happened in 2000.2.21.,after that Brashear was out for the rest of the season.The start of the season was not great for Vancouver,they lost Brad May,who was traded to Phoenix.Brashears main goal was protecting Daniel and Henrik Sedin,fortunetly they had Strudwick,who was a good support for Brash.Vancouver also had agitators like Ruutu and Cooke.

The season: Edit

46 fight is an average number for this season,but Vancouver had better team than the average.Main reason was Donald Brashear,who almost all of his fights won.Jovanovski,Bertuzzi,Peterson etc had a good season too.

Players performance: Edit

Heavyweight: Edit

Donald Brashear:The champ for this season.Brashear had a great season,with good fightcard and with good results.He didnt suffer any clear losses,only Domi and Parker gets the edge against him.The start of the season was not bad,he had a huge battle against Parker,which was probably a draw.Against DeVries was another good bout,Brashear won,but DeVries held his own.After a boring Domi fight he started the big performance.He clearly beat Probert,i think he beat Johnson and had another good bout against Parker,which was a win for him.Another meaningless fight he had against Belak,which was a narrow victory and he absolutely pummeled Roy,who hant got any chance against him.Last two fights were against Domi,when he gets the win two times.He had only two draws,but against fighters,who surprised him,later he gets the win against him,concretly against Parker and Domi.Good solid season,with 9 wins,3 draws.Give him 96 percent.

wins: Domi 2x,Parker,Probert,Roy,Belak,DeVries,Barnaby,´Johns on draws:Johnson,Domi,Parker.

Middleweight: Edit

Jason Strudwick:we can call him a light-heavy,but he usually fought against middleweights.He started good,beat Wiemer clearly.Against heavys like Vandenbussche and Cummins,especially against Cummins he held his own,but not enough for a win.Another good win was against Quintal,when at the end he clearly beat him.Another meaningless fight was against Cowan,which was another clear win for him.Overally a good season,good backup for Brashear.

wins: Cowan,Wiemer,Quintal draw:Helenius,Dingman,Vandenbussche losses: Vandenbussche,Cummins

Denis Pederson:He was active earlier,but after that he stopped drop the gloves.He beat Roenick and Lindsay,but he had usually cr**py fights.


Another great part for this team.Jovanovski had a KO win against Deadmarsh,and in the re-match he had also a win.Ruutu and Cooke,like i said were agitators,Ruutu had three losses in three fights. bit dissapointment was fact,that Baron dropped only once the gloves.

Summary: A great team,who had top HW,sold MWs and very good Non-fighters.Absolutely a TOP 10 material,maybe Top 5.

Washington Capitals Edit

Situation after 99-00: Edit

After McKenzie was traded away,the heavyweight spot was open.Simon,who had a surgery a couple of season back,cant do this job for this season.The Capitals try Royer in the pre-season,but after that he was sent to the AHL. Berube was on the team,but not for long.The middleweight division was in better position.Brendan Witt and Rob Zettler were the main characters.

The season: Edit

Washington finished the season with 32 FMs,which was the lowest FM in the NHL.The team after Berube was sent to the Islanders,hadnt got any HWs,except Myhres,who played only 5 games.Simon played 60 games,but he didnt drop his gloves.If Witt was in other team,the Washington were the worst enforcing team for this season.Most FM had Witt,who had only 5 fights!!!

Players performances: Edit

Heavyweights: Edit

Craig Berube:Only two fights,against Webb was a draw and against Belanger was a different story.Kolzig must save Berube,because Belanger really pound Berube,when he was on the ice. Brantt Myhres:He gets his chance in March,when he had 3 fights.Two s**t fights against Oliwa and one against Dwyer.

Middleweights: Edit

Brendan Witt:Only 5 fights,but there were good ones.He beat Odgers 2x times,in the second Odgers was cut.After that he get a slight win against another heavy,Jakopin.Unfortunetly to him,he cant beat Barnaby,the fight was a draw.His last fight was a beauty,he absolutely destroyed Adams.Witt beat 3 Hws,which is not bad for a middleweight fighter.

Rob Zettler:Another good MW.In his first fight he beat Francis Belanger,who is a HW.Against Asham he held his own,but he gets a slight edge.His last fight was against very tough Lapointe.Zettler and Witt saved this team for being the worst enforcing team in the league.


Halpern,Konowalchuk and Sacco were the players,who had some scraps.They all had 3 fights,Halpern beat Kasparaitis,the other two were average.


Not much to write about this team.Only 32 fights,mostly MWs fight.Rank Washington to 28th place [[]]